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It is composed of seedbed, steel framework, covering material, irrigation system, cooling system, heating system, hydroponic system, internal and outer shading system. By making full use of its dominant advantage in making suitable closed environment, greenhouse is widely used in planting, show sighting, product exhibition, ecological restaurant, and seeding factory. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/green-houses.html Green Houses http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_9v1i1484622717.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/green-houses.html Agricultural Greenhouse <img src='productpic/ps_fj4p1484622732.jpg' /><br>Why Choose us<br /> <ol> <li> Quick response: the inquiry will be replied with 2 days. </li> <li> Customized design: we are professional Agricultural Greenhouses solution designer and manufacturer, With more than 30 years of industry experience. </li> <li> Good quality: everything component is strictly quality controlled in the factory, strong and safe. </li> </ol> We can provide customers from design, manufacturing to testing services. All greenhouses can be customized according to the needs of the customer and will be professionally recommended according to our experience. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/agricultural-greenhouse.html Agricultural Greenhouse http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_fj4p1484622732.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/agricultural-greenhouse.html Custom Greenhouses <img src='productpic/ps_e9uy1484622741.jpg' /><br>Greenhouse Features:<br /> <ol> <li> Economical, Low cost, Easy Frame! Easy Assembly &amp; Move! </li> <li> No foundation is required </li> <li> Good for vegetable, tree, poultry. Especially for large scale production! </li> </ol> Product information:<br /> Keep the plant environment.<br /> Reduce your energy costs in the process. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/custom-greenhouses.html Custom Greenhouses http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_e9uy1484622741.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/custom-greenhouses.html Air Condition System Design <img src='productpic/ps_m6ol1484622771.jpg' /><br>To avoid too much design of air-conditioning system and to reduce the high cost of low-use.<br /> The adjustment of the equipment is to replace the equipment in line with the system characteristics of high efficiency, and save a lot of electricity and expense.<br /> Transaction method: need to assess the actual situation and site before quotation be provided. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/air-condition-system-design.html Air Condition System Design http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_m6ol1484622771.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/air-condition-system-design.html Air Condition System <img src='productpic/ps_te3q1484622780.jpg' /><br>Advantages:<br /> <ol> <li> More convenient: only the general power, without modification. </li> <li> Safer: no combustion, eliminating gas explosion, gas poisoning, eliminate potential crisis. </li> <li> More save money: save electricity at least two-thirds, eliminating costs. </li> <li> More environmentally friendly: do not produce carbon dioxide, air pollution, reduce the greenhouse effect, leaving the next generation of pollution-free sky. </li> </ol> Multi-function: hot water, air conditioning, heating, dehumidification, air quiet, a set of five equipment to meet. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/air-condition-system.html Air Condition System http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_te3q1484622780.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/air-condition-system.html Air Condition Systems <img src='productpic/ps_2c0y1484622789.jpg' /><br>Advantages:<br /> <ol> <li> Less investment, performance. </li> <li> Low power consumption. </li> <li> Superior Air Quality. </li> <li> Environmentally friendly. </li> </ol> Application: apartment, building villa, suite, restaurant, department store, hotel, swimming center, holiday center, gym, school dormitory, hospital, greenhouse agriculture, factory and so on. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/air-condition-systems.html Air Condition Systems http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_2c0y1484622789.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/air-condition-systems.html Air Conditioning System <img src='productpic/ps_dmhf1484622799.jpg' /><br>This is an ultra-energy-saving hot water air-conditioning system, by the cold coal to absorb heat in the atmosphere, reducing the use of the environment temperature and humidity, and the heat absorbed into the water, water heating, manufacturing hot water.<br /> Application: apartment, building villa, restaurant, suite, department store, hotel, swimming center, holiday center, gym, school dormitory, hospital, greenhouse agriculture, factory and so on. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/air-conditioning-system.html Air Conditioning System http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_dmhf1484622799.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/air-conditioning-system.html Custom Refrigeration <img src='productpic/ps_q9fz1484622825.jpg' /><br>All kinds of commercial refrigeration, according to different customer needs, to design the required set temperature, such as open and closed, single and multi-layer etc.<br /> Transaction method: need to assess the actual situation and site before quotation be provided. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/custom-refrigeration.html Custom Refrigeration http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_q9fz1484622825.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/custom-refrigeration.html Commercial Refrigeration <img src='productpic/ps_wqik1484622833.jpg' /><br>Product Feature:<br /> Direct cooling refrigeration system.<br /> Fast cooling speed.<br /> Suitable refrigerant for the protection of environment.<br /> Quick &amp;easy to assemble.<br /> Fire safety.<br /> Used to keep: sea food, meat, vegetable......<br /> Detailed Product Description<br /> New technology cold room <br /> World famous condensing units <br /> Strong and thick panel <br /> Modular, movable and easy assembling<br /> http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/commercial-refrigeration.html Commercial Refrigeration http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_wqik1484622833.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/commercial-refrigeration.html Industrial Refrigeration <img src='productpic/ps_x8y1484622843.jpg' /><br>Feature of walk-in cold room:<br /> Temperature: Customization<br /> Size: Customization<br /> Modular cold room, easy to assembling<br /> Functions: fresh-keeping, freezing, quick-freezing, fire-proof, explosion-proof air-conditioning are all available<br /> Fully automatic control system<br /> Easy to move<br /> Application:<br /> Food (meat, vegetable, fruit, dairy, drink), Medicine, Chemical, Electronics. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/industrial-refrigeration.html Industrial Refrigeration http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_x8y1484622843.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/industrial-refrigeration.html Commercial Refrigeration Equipment <img src='productpic/ps_lg6t1484622851.jpg' /><br>Cold Room Construction:<br /> <ol> <li> The cold room is built by polyurethane sandwich panels, easy to mount and to disassemble or enlarge if necessary. </li> <li> The panels are jointed by means of quick-action eccentric mechanisms. </li> <li> The external and inner panel cover is of zinc-coated steel sheet with a plastic finish. The heat insulation is of rigid foam polyurethane. </li> <li> The prefabricated cold rooms are intended for cooling and storage of perishable products cooled or froze. </li> <li> The cold room should be installed in a sheltered place away from direct sunshine, dust, and rain. </li> </ol> http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/commercial-refrigeration-equipment.html Commercial Refrigeration Equipment http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_lg6t1484622851.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/commercial-refrigeration-equipment.html Clean Rooms <img src='productpic/ps_oiql1484622869.jpg' /><br>Diversified and highly scalable metal compartment features, can be flexibly used for Clean sterile space.<br /> The structure can be adjusted flexibly, and it can be designed as an independent clean room or expanded clean room, including the overall planning, manufacturing, construction and after-sales service.<br /> Transaction method: need to assess the actual situation and site before quotation be provided. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/clean-rooms.html Clean Rooms http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_oiql1484622869.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/clean-rooms.html Clean Room <img src='productpic/ps_1cr1484622878.jpg' /><br>It is a good option to create a cleaner space within an existing normal room or a room with low-level of cleanliness.<br /> Easy installation, low cost, modularized design and easy upgrading<br /> Application: LCM, CMOS Camera Module, Touch Play, Optical Module, FILM, Biological Pharmacy, Packing, Food<br /> Advantages:<br /> <ol> <li> Own factory with competitive price </li> <li> Automatic production line. </li> <li> Nearly 30 years experience in cleanroom industry. </li> <li> We are an expert in providing customized solutions. </li> <li> Timely delivery with perfect quality. </li> </ol> http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/clean-room.html Clean Room http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_1cr1484622878.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/clean-room.html Cleanroom Design <img src='productpic/ps_62e01484622887.jpg' /><br>Features:<br /> <ol> <li> Assembly structure designed, easy installation and easily moved </li> <li> Directional wheels can be installed, suitable for small building and high cleanliness area; </li> <li> Modular design: clean booth can be as small as several square meters and can be as large as hundreds of square meters </li> <li> It has large useful and effective area; while compared with the traditional clean room, it has such features like low investment, high return and stable. </li> </ol> http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/cleanroom-design.html Cleanroom Design http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_62e01484622887.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/cleanroom-design.html Industrial Clean Room <img src='productpic/ps_qumd1484622896.jpg' /><br>Product Feature:<br /> <ol> <li> Modular construction ,easy to transport and install, strong extensibility </li> <li> Good air distribution, Stable performance of cleanliness </li> <li> Parts by strict inspection </li> <li> Applied to semicoductor, microelectronics, biologic pharmacy and so on. </li> <li> Low investment, high return. Stable, building a cleanroom of higher cleanliness will not affect the manufacturing of existing clean room. Flexible designs bring the maximum convenience and practicability. </li> </ol> http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/industrial-clean-room.html Industrial Clean Room http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_qumd1484622896.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/industrial-clean-room.html Noise Prevention <img src='productpic/ps_zc561484622913.jpg' /><br>In view of the increasingly serious noise and vibration problems, combined with a number of experienced experts in noise and vibration control, integrated problem diagnosis, program evaluation, engineering design, material matching, supervision, construction. A complete professional team to provide comprehensive solution to effectively improve annoying noise and vibration problems.<br /> Transaction method: need to assess the actual situation and site before quotation be provided. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/noise-prevention.html Noise Prevention http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_zc561484622913.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/noise-prevention.html Noise Pollution Control <img src='productpic/ps_25p91484622922.jpg' /><br>In view of the increasing noise and vibration problems, combined with a number of experienced experts in noise and vibration control, integrated problem diagnosis, program evaluation, engineering design, material matching, supervision, construction. A complete professional team provides customers with comprehensive solutions to effectively improve annoying noise and vibration problems.<br /> Transactions: the need to provide the actual situation before the assessment and site.<br /> http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/noise-pollution-control.html Noise Pollution Control http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_25p91484622922.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/noise-pollution-control.html Noise Pollution Solutions <img src='productpic/ps_yvkb1484622937.jpg' /><br>Over the years, We have been committed to the energy and environmental protection industries. In recent years, found that major disasters caused by global warming, therefore, even more aggressively be committed to energy recycling and quality agriculture. Looking forward to our own modest efforts will help the earth and create more welfare for society. <br /> The company has a high-quality professional and technical team, covering mechanical, and environmental engineering. With the company's accumulated rich experience and strong technical strength, to provide customers with general contracting, design, construction and all-round high-quality services.<br /> http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/noise-pollution-solutions.html Noise Pollution Solutions http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_yvkb1484622937.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/noise-pollution-solutions.html Noise Pollution Solution <img src='productpic/ps_ubpr1484622949.jpg' /><br>Noise is one of the major environmental pollutions, it hinders people's conversation, thinking, learning, it makes people feel unpleasant. Noise is mainly divided into:<br /> Traffic noise (roads, railways, highways, cars, buses, trains, trucks, airports, etc.)<br /> Equipment noise (referring to the noise generated by the operation of the machine, water pumps, fresh air units, diesel engines, boilers, central air conditioning units, etc.)<br /> Social noise (supermarkets, dance halls, food markets, etc. entertainment, more crowded places)<br /> Construction noise (construction noise, noise is relatively large, many types)<br /> My company's noise control: generator room, air compressor room, cooling towers, industrial refrigeration rooms, central air-conditioning room and other industrial production sites, karaoke OK hall, dance halls, theaters, office buildings and so on.<br /> http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/noise-pollution-solution.html Noise Pollution Solution http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_ubpr1484622949.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/noise-pollution-solution.html Green Industry <img src='productpic/ps_43cf1484622967.jpg' /><br>To protect the Earth's environmental services as our mission. In the design stage, take environmental factors and pollution prevention measures into design in order to cause Earth's smallest damage and green.<br /> With the full range of environmental protection point of view, design appropriate temperature and energy-saving environment, in order to avoid excessive waste and cost.<br /> Transaction method: need to assess the actual situation and site before quotation be provided. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/green-industry.html Green Industry http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_43cf1484622967.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/green-industry.html Greening Industry <img src='productpic/ps_rsxi1484622977.jpg' /><br>Our business items: Noise Control, Air ventilation, industrial drying, waste dust, pumping fans, textile humidification, etc….We have been focusing on technical engineering and construction contracts, and have attended many important construction contracts, such as Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Delta Electronics, Inc. HunYa Foods Co., Ltd., Chang Gung Medical Foundation, Printemps Department Store Co., Ltd., Shin Kong Life Tower, Taiwan Glass Ind. Corp., and governmental 10 major construction projects. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/greening-industry.html Greening Industry http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_rsxi1484622977.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/greening-industry.html Green Industries <img src='productpic/ps_jl5a1484622986.jpg' /><br>Over the years, numerous works in various large and small experience of the engineering industry we found that most are customized design, difficult production and outside quality control is even more deep difficulty, therefore, transforming the manufacturing industry, and in-depth R &amp; D research and patent our products, but also learn the concept of how to make mass production into constructions, so that the project will accelerate the completion and achieve better quality.<br /> http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/green-industries.html Green Industries http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_jl5a1484622986.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/green-industries.html Greening Industries <img src='productpic/ps_7r4c1484622993.jpg' /><br>Protecting the Earth's environment is our mission. In the design stage will be environmental factors and pollution prevention measures into the product design, the transformation of the Earth environmental performance and minimum harm green.<br /> To the full range of environmental protection point of view, the design of appropriate temperature and energy-saving environment, in order to avoid excessive waste and cost. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/greening-industries.html Greening Industries http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_7r4c1484622993.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/greening-industries.html Drying Equipments <img src='productpic/ps_9ym61484623012.jpg' /><br>Design, develop and produce automatic drying equipment, and provide the best solution for drying.<br /> For example, industrial drying and drying of fruit and vegetable machinery and equipment.<br /> Transaction method: need to assess the actual situation and site before quotation be provided. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/drying-equipments.html Drying Equipments http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_9ym61484623012.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/drying-equipments.html Dryer Machines <img src='productpic/ps_bme1484623021.jpg' /><br>Specifications:<br /> <ol> <li> Low noise </li> <li> Easy cleaning and maintenance. </li> <li> Apply to block wholesome food, agricultural and sideline products, economic crops and peripheral airflow, i.e. from the material. </li> <li> Such as vegetables, flowers, fish, fungi, tea, noodles, chemical industry, etc. </li> </ol> Service:<br /> Any questions or requests before, during or after sales, we would like to help you any time and will find you the best solution in 2days. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/dryer-machines.html Dryer Machines http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_bme1484623021.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/dryer-machines.html Drying Equipment <img src='productpic/ps_rvr91484623029.jpg' /><br>The main franchise design, development and production of automated drying equipment, and provide the best solution for drying, such as industrial drying and drying of fruits and vegetables and mechanical equipment.<br /> Transaction method: need to assess the actual situation and site before quotation be provided. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/drying-equipment.html Drying Equipment http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_rvr91484623029.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/drying-equipment.html Dryer Machine <img src='productpic/ps_ebcc1484623038.jpg' /><br>Applications:<br /> Synthetic fiber industry: polymerization, melting, spinning, stretching, drying.<br /> Textile printing and dyeing work: heat setting, drying, heat capacity dyeing.<br /> Non-woven industry: non-woven.<br /> Feed industry: drying.<br /> Plastic and rubber industry: hot pressing, rolling, extrusion, curing molding.<br /> Paper industry: dry, corrugated paper processing.<br /> Wood industry: multi-plywood, fiberboard pressure forming, wood drying.<br /> Building materials: gypsum board drying, asphalt heating, concrete component conservation.<br /> Machinery industry: painting, printing drying.<br /> Food industry: baking, heating.<br /> Air-conditioning industry: industrial plants and civil construction heating.<br /> Drying equipment.<br /> The pharmaceutical industry: drying.<br /> Light industry: the production of ink, washing powder. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/dryer-machine.html Dryer Machine http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_ebcc1484623038.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/dryer-machine.html Plants Factory <img src='productpic/ps_2e01484623054.jpg' /><br>To plant with a factory management thinking with a high degree of control to create conditions suitable for plant growth, including light, humidity, temperature, CO2 concentration, nutrients, water quality, etc.<br /> So that plants can plan annually, not affect by environment from natural climate, but with regular, quantitative, given the quality characteristics.<br /> Transaction method: need to assess the actual situation and site before quotation be provided. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/plants-factory.html Plants Factory http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_2e01484623054.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/plants-factory.html Plants Factories <img src='productpic/ps_n9i1484623065.jpg' /><br>Quality, Reputation, Service and Competitive Price are always our aim. The product we make are cost-effective and quality-guarantee.<br /> All of our staff members warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to establish long-term good business relationships with us and get mutual development!<br /> <ul> <li> Extremely energy efficient </li> <li> Small airtight housing </li> <li> Lower lifetime cost </li> <li> Easy installation </li> <li> Lightweight &amp; compact design saves on shipping costs </li> </ul> http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/plants-factories.html Plants Factories http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_n9i1484623065.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/plants-factories.html Indoor Vegetable Growing <img src='productpic/ps_vyij1484623075.jpg' /><br>Application: agricultural greenhouse / commercial greenhouse / Environmental greenhouse / green house / tunnel greenhouse / Retail Garden Centers / Vegetable planting, like tomato, cucumber, pepper, etc.<br /> <ul> <li> Good natural ventilation </li> <li> Long durability </li> <li> Greenhouse tunnel with high-quality standard </li> <li> Competitive price </li> <li> Nice appearance </li> <li> Easy Installation </li> </ul> http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/indoor-vegetable-growing.html Indoor Vegetable Growing http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_vyij1484623075.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/indoor-vegetable-growing.html Indoor Plants <img src='productpic/ps_e5l91484623083.jpg' /><br>High quality steel structure and long service life: main steel material is all hot dip galvanized with excellent anti-corrosion effectiveness.<br /> Prefabricated structure. All the parts can be easily assembled on the spot with joining parts and bolts and nuts, without any welding points to damage the zinc coating on the material, which guarantee the optimal performance of anti-corrosion.<br /> Equipment include greenhouse structure frame, ventilation system, cooling system, heating system, cover system, control system. http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/indoor-plants.html Indoor Plants http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/productpic/ps_e5l91484623083.jpg http://www.heatpumpdesign.com/indoor-plants.html